Google Food

Google Food



We all know that one of Google’s incredible employee perks is free breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and everything in between.  But what if we could go beyond the Omakase lunch special and create experiences that enabled individuals and teams to be their best, short and long term, using food as the means to bring people together?


Well, that’s exactly what my team at Interbrand was tasked with.


Along with a small group of graphic designers, my creative directors and I created a Visual and Verbal Identity Guideline for Google Food, Google’s massive global internal food and beverage program. With the brand definition model serving as our central foundation, the red thread of “Fueling Moonshots” aided in creating a voice and messaging platform that would bring the Google community together, allow the food program to make a deeper connection with audiences, and show how the power of better food choices can fuel bigger ideas.


Here are a few pages from our delicious communications guideline.

Role: Verbal Identity Writer