National Geographic's ENCOUNTER: Ocean Odyssey

National Geographic's ENCOUNTER: Ocean Odyssey



As National Geographic made its first foray into immersive entertainment experiences, the team at Serino Coyne was tasked with enticing consumers to go where they'd never gone before—on a first-of-its-kind, virtual reality adventure in the heart of Times Square. To do this, we needed to leverage the iconic brand to promise a premium experience that showcases National Geographic in a new and unexpected way, while both educating and entertaining.


Through several rounds of creative development, we worked closely with the client to land on art that would bring audiences out of their seats and thousands of feet below the ocean surface, emphasizing the unparalleled immersiveness of the experience.


The enveloping creative paired with strategic placement allowed for our advertising as a whole to become a part of the experience. Here are a few favorites pieces from the cutting room floor as well as our final launch campaign.

Role: Copywriter